Rey Carr, M.A., Ph.D.

Reader, writer, editor, publisher, mentor, peer coach, researcher, grandpa

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Work in Progress

1. The Future of Coaching - A paper on trends and observations regarding what business and personal coaching will be like over the next ten years.

2. The Runaway Project - A research project summarizing the role of “running away” from home as a fantasy or reality, as experienced by children and teens as recalled when they are adults.

3. Preparing entries to the Spirit Mentor blog.

4. Coaching and Mentoring.

5. Evolutionary Peer Mentoring.

The Mentor Hall of Fame

The Mentor Hall of Fame is a  searchable and updated database of more than 10,000 mentoring relationships of well-known, famous and infamous connections. If you’ve been a mentor or  have a mentor, you might find your own name in the database.

Beliefs That Ground Me

All life has purpose.

We are in heaven.

Fear cannot guide us.

Learning is everything.

Knowing is tough, asking is harder.

Without you I am nothing.

Growth in life is a paradox.

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